For Widgets Sake

For Widgets Sake

It's 1pm on a wet Thursday in Belmullet and I'm fed up. I had a bad morning Monday, that turned into a bad day that has turned into a bad week. Now in perspective nothing bad has happened it just that this week I have spent a lot of energy on the wrong stuff. In todays society it happens, probably too often, that we are chasing people and sorting out problems that would be solved if people used some common sense. You get passed between departments and no one takes responsibility to gets it sorted for you. The cost on your time and perhaps more importantly your energy is frustrating. 

I've been dealing with once such problem today.
Now lets say I owe one (rather large) widget.
I pay one widget and then they take a second widget by direct debit.
So they now have 2 widgets and I have none.
So I complained and they give me back one widget.....
And then a few days later give me back a second widget.
So now I have 2 widgets, owe them one and they have none.
Now to my calculations that puts me back where I started owing 1 widget. However, according to them I now owe 2 widgets. And in the meantime I owe widgets to other people and widgets seem to be going in and out of my account with no say from me!!! 
This widget situation has been going on for 6 weeks and every time it saps my energy and leaves me fed up and widget less!!

And it got me to thinking it's hard to live in the modern world. It's like the age of technology has said anything is possible. We can have on line banking, buy slippers from Canada from the sofa and plan how the house will look redecorated from an app but at what cost. I have a man that does some jobs for me. He comes in we talk about what I want, he goes away and buy the materials locally, come back does it and I pay him. Cash on completion and a receipt for it - it's all above board and It's a pleasure to get these jobs done. Simple and straightforward.

So I'm just having an off week. In this scenario I usually switch to something else and get that done to change my mood but everything feels like it's baby steps and while I might be moving forward my to do list has got no ticks on it this week. Frustrating. 

The lashing rain has now stopped, the sun is trying to put his hat on I just put on Kylie real loud and talked to some real people who made me laugh and the world is right again! - Thanks for letting me vent!!! 




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